Proud!!Am Damian Giovanni. At a young a…

Proud!!Am Damian Giovanni. At a young a…


Am Damian Giovanni.
At a young age I involved myself in the drugs world and participated in activities that will get me kicked out of home and landed me in a rehabilitation center where they were going to help me overcome the mental challenges I had began experiencing during my enslavement in the drugs world. After my journey in the rehabilitation center, it was then I joined Stichting Maaszicht a home i didn’t have.

I was still struggling and battling with my traumatic experiences. I had difficulties in participating in their programs and didn’t feel the urge to be involved in any of the programs. As time passed by wondering the recreation hall in Maaszicht , I saw this person playing a piano and the sound got my attention. It’s like the music spoke to me and gave me this calm feeling. I immediately felt in love with the keybord’s sound and I knew that’s what I wanted to do : play Music. I began teaching myself through Youtube, visiting places where people played piano and listening to other artists play.
After three months of playing,

Stichting Normal Difference Mind Health Project heard me playing at a bingo event. They invited me to perform at a talent show. It was my first performance and I was very nervous. To my surprise I was among of the those who won. With this talent prize I was able to get piano classes which improved my piano technique.
Normal Difference Mind Health Project and Maaszicht organized a theater performance called Freedom at Zuidplein theater, where I performed with many other artists sharing similar background as mine.
The expressions of these performances were priceless based on how I experienced them. The message behind the performances lifted us up and left us empowered. The message of the performance was: ‘’SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO COME IN TERMS WITH YOUR PAST, TO HAVE A PROMISING PRESENT AND MOVE FORWARD TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE”

After the performance an anonymous person donated a brand new piano through Normal Difference Mind Health Project. I got a surprise of my life. Thanks to Normal Difference Mind Health Project, De Prinsekerk for the surprise venue, my mentor Marco Bakker, Dayo Streanobo, my mother and grandparents for being part of the surprise. Thanks for the anonymous person for the donation. In the future I hope to perform for a big audience or perform my own show in a theater. I would like to spiritually help people. I want bring out the best in people.

I would like to encourage youth to make wise decisions when it comes to the kind of friends you surround yourself with. Your friends can influence your life in a positive or negative way. I have learned that it’s important to reflect on who you are and always believe in yourself no matter what. In life you don’t need to be materialistic but if you got yourself that’s all that matters.


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